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May 2017
Dear Mr./Mrs.,
We find ourselves facing developments in which the importance of a degree will diminish. After all, what one has learned in a degree program has already become somewhat outdated by the end of the program. Furthermore, many will realize that they may well have a degree, but that they have ultimately ended up in positions for which the degree they once obtained did not necessarily qualify them. These competencies have usually been acquired via other programs and processes.

Therefore, offering the knowledge required for a particular position at the right moment is becoming even more important. Most likely, this will take place increasingly via shorter programs focused on acquiring the competencies required at that point, and for which a (modular) certificate can be obtained. This is sometimes referred to as “de-bundling.”

This brings Life-long Learning even more within reach. By dividing up our offerings into so-called “building blocks” (the metaphor of the Lego bricks we all know and love, certainly the boys among us, serves well here), we respond to the trend that has so elegantly been referred to as “personalized learning.” A (modular) certificate pyramid would therefore make it possible to build a process - from the bottom up - which would also give the prospect of titles, if these were still relevant at that point.

The world is ultimately becoming a “global teaching pool”, in which participants “cobble together” their own curriculum from SPOCS (Small Private Online Courses). Of course, that is still complicated for universities because a pile of modular certificates is then supposed to result in an actual diploma. Even if we don’t have the solution quite yet, we must start thinking about this.

Leen Paape
Dean of Executive Education & Organizational Development
Year Overview 2016
Nyenrode’s Year Overview 2016 provides an overview of our most important activities and special events from the past year. The emphasis is not so much on financial figures, but more on interesting people affiliated with Nyenrode, campus life and all the other things that together create the Nyenrode Experience.
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FT: Nyenrode Open Executive Programs rise in ranking as the best in the Netherlands
For the fifth year in a row, the participants of Nyenrode’s Open Executive Programs have rated the programs the best in the Netherlands, according to the Financial Times ranking. Nyenrode also rose two places in the ranking compared to 2016, currently taking 48th place in the FT-education ranking of best open enrollment programs worldwide.
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National Student Survey 2017: Students very satisfied with Nyenrode programs
As they indicated in previous years as well, the students of Nyenrode Business Universiteit are very satisfied with their degree programs. In the 2017 edition of the National Student Survey conducted by Studiekeuze123 annually, students rated Nyenrode far above the national average for universities in the Netherlands. The BSc in Business Administration started last year scored the highest with a 4.7 out of 5.
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Leen Paape resigns from University Board
Professor Leen Paape RA RO CIA will resign as dean of the university and therefore as member of the University Board as of September 1 - after almost 10 years of serving in Nyenrode’s administration. Leen Paape will stay on for three days per week at Nyenrode as professor and will strengthen the Board & Governance team and head the Nyenrode Commissarissencyclus (Nyenrode Supervisory Board Cycle).
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Seminar “Managing Winning Teams”
On May 11, Nyenrode Sports Inc. organized the seminar “Managing Winning Teams (Performing Sustainably)” for managers who manage a team and want to develop themselves as leader and improve the team performance. The speakers were Guus Hiddink, Bas Kodden, Toon Gerbrands, Mart de Kruif and Claudia Bokel. Mark Tuitert acted as moderator.
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National Salary Survey 2017
The third edition of the National Salary Survey organized by Intermediair and Nyenrode Business Universiteit is underway. In this survey, highly-educated employees working in the Netherlands are invited to fill in a questionnaire about their salary, working conditions, well-being, and their expectations for the future.
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BRIQQX: Online and blended learning

In July 2016, Nyenrode introduced a range of digital courses in the B2B domain of executive education in conjunction with Accenture, under the name BRIQQX. BRIQQX involves online and blended learning and provides building blocks for employees of companies that want to stay abreast of the developments in their field or sector. This past January, Nyenrode and Accenture held a pilot for Akzo Nobel. A range of open online registration programs focusing on the themes of sales, agile and digital transformation is currently being worked on.

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Second International Advisory Board meeting
On May 3, Nyenrode hosted the second meeting of its International Advisory Board, chaired by Prof. Dr. Désirée van Gorp. Among other topics, members discussed the future of the educational landscape and economic diplomacy. Derk Haank, CEO of Springer, gave a key note speech on digitalization and the impact on the world of education while full-time MBA students presented a case study on the future of education. Nyenrode’s International Advisory Board was established in 2015 and its main objective is to advice the university on strategic decisions connected to its internationalization ambition.
Nyenrode MBA Team Wins Dell EMC Leadership Challenge 2017
The students of the Nyenrode full-time MBA (IMBA) 2016-17 class participated in a one-day boot camp where they had to propose solutions on “How to Mobilize Workforce after the $67 billion Dell purchase of EMC in Sept. 2016 – the largest technology deal in history!” Participant Ayesha Malik wrote a report about the challenge.
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Legacies for Nyenrode
Alumni have a connection with Nyenrode for the rest of their life. But even after  death, alumni can keep that connection alive and in doing so have a lasting effect by contributing to Nyenrode.
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Coaching for Executives in Healthcare
Employees in healthcare are constantly faced with new technologies and must satisfy the latest requirements. Specialisms are becoming increasingly complicated and specialists are collaborating more and more. In this changing world, coaching leadership can make all the difference. Nyenrode’s new program Coaching for Executives in Healthcare has been designed in accordance with the guidelines and coaching competences of the International Coach Federation.
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Gong for the Private Investor Program
Frits Oppel, participant in the Nyenrode Private Investor Program, opened the AEX stock market on May 16. In Nyenrode’s Private Investor Program, participants learn to actively analyze and manage their own investment portfolios. Those who successfully complete the program can consider themselves to be at the same level as a professional investor with several years of experience.
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Exhibition “Kritische Keuzes | Personal Perspectives”
From May 16 to September 13, Nyenrode is hosting the exhibition “Kritische Keuzes | Personal Perspectives” with paintings from alumni Rob Weddepohl and Ad Rooymans. This is the eighth exhibition organized by Art Fund Nyenrode, a fund set up two years ago by a number of Nyenrode alumni.
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Opening of Mensa outdoor space
The new Mensa outdoor space  is finished and had its festive opening a few weeks ago.
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