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October 2016
Dear Mr./Mrs.,
Over the past month we’ve made it into the media with positive messages. Thanks to a very alert member of staff we even got into the Financial Times as an example of a European school with a growing number of international students, where there is in fact a decline in American business schools. Great advertising. These are the outward appearances however. What happens ‘under the hood’ often remains unheralded. Yet it’s here that future innovation lies.
Since a short while ago, for instance, the BSc BA and IMBA student administration has operated in a new ICT environment: OSIRIS. That may sound like a simple matter, but it’s not. That’s because a software solution like this forces us to think about optimizing our operational management. Optimizing means change, and that’s not always so easy. A two-year trajectory now lies ahead, before all programs will be using OSIRIS.    
We also have ‘Customer Relationship Management’ support, abbreviated as CRM software. Of course we already had it, but until now not every department was using the CRM software. This is important in order to improve working well together within the organization with the customer as the focal point. An upgrade seemed to be relatively straightforward, but here too a lot more turned out to be involved, and this trajectory is expected to be completed in spring 2017. It’s already running, but not yet well enough. So it still needs some tweaking and fine-tuning.

There’s more tinkering being done apart from just software. The authentic exit gate with lots of wrought-iron work is now undergoing complete restoration. It’s one of the many monuments which will once again look splendid on our estate.
Miša Džoljić
Rector Magnificus
Prime Minister Mark Rutte congratulates first sports alumni
The 15 participants in Nyenrode's first Sports Leadership Program concluded their course on Wednesday, October 5. During the celebration event, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte delivered a speech on sports and leadership, and then presented the participants with their course certificates.
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Dies Natalis
Nyenrode Business Universiteit celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. The Dies Natalis lectures will be delivered on November 21 by alumni Henjo Hielkema (NOIB 1966) and Milly ter Heege (BBA 1976), and by student Roderick Vermeer (MSc 24 and also chairman of the LXXIe Collegie der Heeren V of the student association ‘Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre’).

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Good governance and corporate performance
Deloitte Risk Advisory and Nyenrode Business Universiteit have launched an independent, joint study into the relationship between good governance and corporate performance. The research will be done by the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute (NCGI). The purpose of the study is to gain an insight into the way in which governance influences corporate performance, and which boardroom dilemmas this produces.
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Young Bilderberg conference
Around 100 attendees from a range of public and private sectors participated in the Young Bilderberg conference at Nyenrode on September 7. This is an annual event staged in conjunction with the ‘Stichting Young Captain Nederland’. Led by Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit, lecturer in Strategic Leadership, and Vincent de Schepper, healthcare entrepreneur, there was intense discussion on the topic, ‘Providing Leadership in Digital Transformation: Vision of the Future’.
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VRC Thesis Prize 2016
At ‘Dag van de Financial’ (Financial Day, the annual conference of the Dutch sectoral organization VRC and NBA) on Thursday, September 29. Pieter Rensink, alumnus of the Nyenrode Executive Master’s in Finance & Control program, was awarded the VRC Thesis Prize 2016. His thesis entitled ‘The future of release windows. Day and date release strategy in a disrupted filmed entertainment industry’, was adjudged the best of the theses submitted from the EMFC programs.
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TEDx Nyenrode University
The second TEDx Nyenrode University was held on October 22, with ‘The Puzzle of Learning’ as its theme. Challenging, fresh ideas were raised about, among others, the way we learn, who learns (not just people, machines too!), what learning will look like in the future, and what role music, sport and stress play in relation to learning.
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Nyenrode New Board Program participants Annemarieke de Haan, Vice-President Personal Care Indonesia at Unilever, and Berndt Kodden, Managing Director Branded Netherlands at FrieslandCampina, have both made it onto Management Team magazine’s list of ‘Goudhaantjes 2016’ (in literal terms the word means goldcrest birds, but is also used to denote top performers or high-fliers). ‘ Goudhaantjes’ are under 45, already have a fine career behind them, are responsible for significant revenues and are on or just below the Board of Directors.
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Symposium Appreciative Contracting
The ‘Waarderend Contracteren’ (lit. Appreciative Contracting) symposium was held at Nyenrode on Wednesday, October 12, organized by the ‘Netwerkgroep Contracteren KetenSamenWerking’. Scientific knowledge, practical experience and the critical views of lawyers have led to new contract models bringing mutual trust to the fore. One of the speakers was Prof. Dr. Jack van der Veen, EVO Chair Supply Chain Management lecturer at Nyenrode.
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Announcement inaugural lecture Nick van Dam
Nick van Dam will accept the position of Professor of Corporate Learning & Development on November 25. On that day he will deliver his inaugural lecture at Nyenrode, ‘Learn or Lose’.

Exhibition ‘Women of the World – Cultural Diversity’
The photo exhibition ‘Women of the World – Cultural Diversity’ will be mounted at Nyenrode Business Universiteit from October 7 through December 15, featuring 37 works produced by Nyenrode alumna Annelies Damen over the past 10 years, following her graduation from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. It features ‘Strong Women’ in a range of cultures from around the world.
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Pianist Daria van den Bercken
Pianist Daria van den Bercken concluded the second TEDx Nyenrode on Saturday, October 22 with a captivating presentation on the power of metaphors. Her previous TED presentation was a worldwide hit, generating almost a million views. On Sunday, November 27, she returns to Nyenrode for a full recital in the Koetshuis, with a program of works by Händel, Chopin, Debussy, Scarlatti and Mozart. Daria illustrates her program with two short films she has produced for her musical projects.
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Olympic dream
On September 30 Nyenrode Sports Inc. program coordinator Carlo Cesar said farewell to his colleagues to follow his dream: participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. Right from the start Carlo was instrumental in the establishment of Nyenrode Sports Inc., the internationally-oriented academic institute focusing on directors and managers working in top-class sport.
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Historic gate restored

Nyenrode’s historic gate is currently undergoing restoration work. The imposing gate was built in around 1750, when Johan Ortt III was the owner of the castle. Between 1860-1915/1916, the gate occupied the site where the Gatehouse (‘Poortgebouw’) now stands. Once the Gatehouse was built, it became the entrance to the estate and the gate was returned to its current location.
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