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August 2016
Dear Mr./Mrs.,

By the time you read this a significant part of the summer will have passed, and most of us will be back at work. Looking back over this summer I have difficulty reconciling the associations between pleasantly hot weather and relaxation. If we’re talking about hot weather I think we can really only count on the latter part of summer (although there were some splendid showers of medals in Rio), and the summer itself wasn’t entirely relaxing. Not only was there plenty happening on the global stage, but there was also lots to do locally. A couple of examples. There were major preparations on-campus to get the BSc with 32 students off to a good start. A second group was also launched for the Sports Leadership Program (Nyenrode Sports Inc.), and a large group of full-time MSc students began. Many renovations and modifications were also underway on-campus, including one sponsored by an alumnus. But this will certainly be covered in detail in the next newsletter. Finally, and not unimportantly, the students have been working on adapting the introduction to the new times and also to the new, young BSc residents.
In the middle of all these summer activities heralding a new Academic Year – even before it opened – work was also underway on the huge ‘lustrumfeest’, or anniversary celebration. Our institution, evolved from NOIB to become Nyenrode Business Universiteit, reaches the grand age of 70 on November 20, 2016. The anniversary committee, consisting of Nyenrode and Nyenrode Alumni VCV, felt it was too long to have to wait for our university’s Dies Natalis, and is staging a curtain-raiser for everyone on September 10. Quite right too!
The celebration really is for everyone, and as the Executive Board we will be giving staff extra discounts in the hope of achieving a wonderful mixture of all generations, programs, employees and supporters. Earlier in the day there will be a meeting with friends of the university, who have contributed to the success of our university with their donations. So preparations for this ‘Thank the Donors Day’ were also a summer activity.
Some things however were beyond our control. Outside the usual selection procedure, several Pokémons also managed to sneak onto our estate. Entrepreneurial characters, so to speak.  
Miša Džoljić
Rector Magnificus



The 32 talents of the new BSc in Business Administration 2016 have officially started their Nyenrode journey. To capture this historic moment, the cohort was photographed in the style of the first NOIB class 70 years ago. In the next cohort we would love to welcome more female students.

Commission of Inquiry about China trip NNBS
All the complaints about alleged irregularities during a Nyenrode New Business School (NNBS) study trip to China in May of this year, have been found to be unjustified by an independent commission of inquiry chaired by Prof. Dr. Emile Kolthoff. The findings of the inquiry entirely clear NNBS director Anton Busselman and the two co-accused teachers.
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Inaugural Lecture André Nijhof
A different mindset is needed to achieve business sustainability. Companies need to operate not just with a view to optimizing profits, but far more from the search for shared interests between those involved. This will engender more preparedness to work together. This was suggested by Prof. Dr. André Nijhof in his inaugural lecture, ‘Should we be hopeful in sustainable entrepreneurship?’, which he delivered on July 8 during official acceptance of his position as a professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.
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On July 8, 2016 Nyenrode organized the ‘Sampling Innovative Sustainable Entrepreneurship Event’ (Preuvenement), where more than 300 participants could ‘sample’ and learn about sustainable initiatives together. The initiators were André Nijhof, Professor of Sustainable Business and Stewardship, and Rob Wetzels, among other things core teacher of Sustainability and Innovation in the Modular Executive MBA. Rob Wetzels, who is retiring, issued a book to mark the event and his departure.
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European Immersion Modules
The full-time MBA Program (IMBA) has undergone a transformation. The program now implements the European Immersion Modules. Whilst students previously visited China and South Africa, they will now visit Dublin, Milan, Brussels, London and Copenhagen throughout the duration of the program.
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Opening Academic Year
On September 5, Nyenrode will celebrate the Opening of the 2016-2017 Academic Year. The keynote speaker will be Mr. Pieter Elbers, President & CEO, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
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500 New Accountancy Students
More than 500 new accounting students will start the accountancy programs in September! The students begin in the bachelor’s, the (pre)-master’s or the post-master’s in accountancy. The last time this many students were welcomed was in 2008.
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Return on Investment Lean
Nyenrode’s 2016 Lean Experience Days, the annual conference for Lean Nederland, were held on June 27, 28 and 29. The three-day program was organized by the Nyenrode Lean Institute in collaboration with the Lean Management Institute. Some 115 visitors attended the days, which considered Lean’s Return on Investment (ROI).
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NOIB Challenge
On June 11, Nyenrode held the NOIB challenge, in which six final IB (International Baccalaureate) talents competed for a scholarship for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, which starts in August 2016. To assess the winners, the jury based their verdict on educational background, the score on the Nyenrode admission test, the admission interview and on the performance of the IB talents in two debates (group and individual).
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After replacement of the sports floor and lighting, painting the hall and refurbishing the fitness area, this summer the entrance hall, the corridors and the sanitary facilities of the sports hall were given a facelift. Lecture rooms 02 to 05 in the De Rooij building acquired new furnishings in July, along with a new ‘look & feel’. The area in the Castle known as ‘De Slaapkamer’ (the bedroom) was also renovated. This area is being used increasingly for executive programs, and now has a classical aura with a modern impulse.

Wi-Fi and Eduroam
The Nyenrode Wi-Fi network has been updated. Nyenrode students and staff can now use the secure Eduroam network. The Guest Wi-Fi open network is intended for guests.
Alumni in Photo Exhibition
A small photo exhibition at Nyenrode Business Universiteit this summer displayed portraits of seven Nyenrode alumni who have experienced lightning careers, along with their brief stories. They are all among the top 100 in the latest edition of the ‘Goudhaantjes van Management Team’ from 2015, the ‘high-flyers’ who had not yet reached the age of 45 but already bore major financial responsibilities. The alumni in the exhibition were Fleur Dujardin, Hans van Geloven, Joost Ravoo, Lena Olivier, Maartje Bouvy, Marjolein Slappendel and Mark Giesbers.
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Classical Concert
‘Nocturne’ is an enchanting and poetic concert about night. In sound, in images, in words. This classical concert will be performed at Nyenrode on September 15, by the Ragazze Quartet together with viola player Dana Zemtsov, cellist Ketevan Roinishvili and Poet Laureate Anne Vegter.
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