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May 2016
Dear Mr./Mrs.,
You wouldn’t think it if you considered the number of free days in May, but May is actually a busy month for Nyenrode. It’s the period when budgets are firmed up for the coming year, and everyone in Nyenrode receives their annual appraisals. Internal issues of which the client is not aware, hopefully, but still extremely important for our organization.

In fact we are not only appraising each other, but are being appraised externally too. The ‘Nationale Studenten Enquête’ (national student questionnaire) has come around again, and Nyenrode’s Executive Education programs have also scored creditably in the lists. Wonderful! However these are all just snapshots.

You can see best just how Nyenrode is faring day-to-day on the parking lot. Last month it was exceptionally busy with major events like the conference of the Foundation for Auditing Research (FAR), Shopping Tomorrow and also the Henk van Luijk lecture, to name just a few. In the latter events, the Pfizer hall was full and chairs had to be added. At the end of the day I notice many participants still talking to each other, and I catch a few conversational fragments. New relations are being forged, there are quite a few chats afterwards, and people seek out the speakers to add something or offer an opinion which perhaps wasn’t covered in the debate.

When I see people’s enthusiasm, it's too bad that I don’t have the time to attend all the interesting gatherings. Fortunately one of the participants often accompanies me on the way to the car to share a lot of it with me. Nevertheless, even if my car is parked far away on the grass, all I can have are impressions. Good impressions. Impressions confirming that the rankings and listings continue to rate Nyenrode’s improving worth.

Miša Džoljić
Rector Magnificus
Student satisfaction rises
Just as they did last year, the students of Nyenrode Business Universiteit have indicated they are very satisfied with their education. In the annual ‘Nationale Studenten Enquête’ (national student survey) conducted by Studie123, Nyenrode’s students evaluated both their studies and the atmosphere in general, more highly than last year. The degree to which students recommend the programs to friends, family or colleagues is at the same level as last year. With these results, Nyenrode once more scores far above the average for the Netherlands’ universities.
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PhD Frank Lekanne Deprez
Frank Lekanne Deprez obtained his doctorate on May 25, 2016. The title of his dissertation was ‘Towards a spatial Theory of Organizations’.
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Foundation for Auditing Research
The Foundation for Auditing Research (FAR) held its first conference on May 9 and 10 in Nyenrode’s Koetshuis. The FAR was set up in October 2015 as part of the improvement plan for the accounting sector in the public interest. FAR’s focus is on academic research into factors which determine auditing quality. The eight largest accounting firms in the Netherlands provide its financial support and make data available for research. Dr. Olof Bik RA of Nyenrode serves in the foundation’s day-to-day management.
Open Programs no. 1
Once again the Open Executive Programs of Nyenrode Business Universiteit have been voted the best in the Netherlands in the Financial Times ranking. This is the fourth successive year that Nyenrode has been voted the best business university by this newspaper’s executive participants.
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Henk van Luijk Lecture
MVO Nederland, Nyenrode Business Universiteit and VNO-NCW organized the Henk van Luijk Lecture for the seventh time, on Thursday May 19. The keynote speaker was the retiring director of MVO Nederland, Willem Lageweg. In his lecture Lageweg looked back on several business ethics incidents, and considered other new moral initiatives to draw lessons for the future.
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Petri Hofsté no. 1 Corporate Woman
This year’s Top-100 Corporate Women of the Netherlands puts Petri Hofsté, member of Nyenrode’s Foundation Board, at number 1. Several other women from Nyenrode’s network also score highly. The Top-100 Corporate Women is based on research by Management Scope.
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Content marketing
Nyenrode’s LinkedIn page has been at number 1 since February, with the highest Content Marketing Score in the category ‘Education in the Netherlands’, leaving its competitors trailing. This score means Nyenrode’s content reaches many people frequently, and that it is evaluated as being good. Nyenrode was also recently named in an article as an ‘Inspiring LinkedIn company page to follow’.
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EMFC/RC Teacher of the Year
This year Hans de Ruiter has been voted ‘teacher of the year’ in the Executive Master of Finance & Control (EMFC/RC) program. Anton Schoonhoven took ‘Dissertation supervisor of the year’.
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Cross-cultural development
Given the very international nature of business today, it’s vital that cross-cultural development is an explicit part of the new BSc in Business Administration program. Nyenrode believes that this objective will largely have been achieved if we can attract many of our students to Nyenrode from an international environment.
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Investing in Nyenrode

After working for some five years as the head of fundraising at CliniClowns, since March 2016 alumna Tanja Beerens-Visser is the new Director of Nyenrode Fund (‘Stichting Nyenrode Fonds’).

Nyenrode Fund was set up by several of the university’s alumni to facilitate donations from alumni and others, and to invest them well in the university.

In an interview Tanja Beerens-Visser discusses her own links with Nyenrode and the objective of the fund.

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Nyenrode Shaping Leaders Since 1946
Established in 1946 by Founding Fathers such as (the predecessors of) Air France-KLM, Shell, Unilever, Philips and Akzo Nobel. A unique initiative which has written a great deal of history. Exceptional talent has been developed, outstanding personalities have been molded. An institution which has stood fast by its motto, ‘For and by business’, for 69 years thus far. It’s an institute again grooming a new generation for the (inter)national corporate world. Generations have preceded them.

Not only the institution but also its students, alumni and staff play a vital role in the history. The striking castle on the estate already has a history going right back to 1270. The university has now been building on the future for nearly 70 years. Which is why this anniversary has a theme linking past and future:

Nyenrode Shaping Leaders Since 1946

A theme representing the institution’s heritage. A university with proud alumni. A university dedicated to and claiming Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship. A university which writes history, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Naturally we will not let this exceptional birthday go unnoticed. The entire 2016-2017 academic year will be themed by this ‘lustrum’, or anniversary. On September 5 with a special opening of the academic year, on November 20 with a fine celebration of the Dies Natalis, and of course the big party on September 10!

With the Nyenrode Alumni VCV taking the lead, a huge, pulling-out-all-the-stops party is being organized for September 10. You can stay updated on the progress toward the party we want to celebrate with all our alumni, students and staff, through the Nyenrode Lustrum 2016 Facebook page. Mark the date in your diary right now.
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