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January 2016
Dear Mr./Mrs.,
The year has barely begun, and while we’ve just enjoyed our New Year refreshments, there are enough reasons to produce another newsletter. An incredible number of things happened in the final months of last year. And we will try to share them all with you. Thus CFO Remmelt Vetkamp will describe everything involved in the end-of-year financial results. I can already reveal here that the results have been positive. He will also explain why the decision was taken at the end of the last year to shut the 60 Acres business accelerator.   

But there is much more news. For instance, Nyenrode Lean Institute is acquiring a new partner, and Nyenrode Sports Inc. has literally made a flying start.

A great deal is also happening behind the scenes. Thus services for the alumni are being expanded with the online ability to show their diplomas. Just before the Christmas vacation Nyenrode was also notified by EQUIS of an extension to its accreditation for the next three years. All good news.

Honesty requires me to tell you that less pleasant things happened just before the start of the Christmas break. Nyenrode hit the news on TV channel RTL Z in the wake of an e-mail we wrote to the students. In it we indicated that we strongly reject and do not tolerate alcohol abuse and the incidents arising from it. Although it is not pleasant as a university to be associated with alcohol abuse in any way, the report was correct and the university’s position on this topic is now known nationally. This of itself is also not wrong.  

Of an entirely different order is the contribution from Art Fund Nyenrode in the shape of an exposition from the collection of the entrepreneurial couple Henk and Victoria de Heus-Zomer. Don’t miss the opportunity for a look during one of the days a tour is given.

In short, there’s a lot to read in this newsletter.

Finally, on behalf of Nyenrode I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2016.

Miša Džoljić
Rector Magnificus
Positive figures
Nyenrode has presented positive figures over the year 2015. CFO Remmelt Vetkamp explains: “Whereas Nyenrode Foundation reported a loss of 1.3 million euros over the academic year 2013-2014, we have succeeded in turning this into a profit of more than half a million euros in 2014-2015. The annual revenue also rose from 50.6 to 52.3 million euros. The budgeted revenue was set higher at 54.3 million euros; however, due to 2 million euros in cost savings, we have achieved a result that is in line with our budget. It should be noted that the financial figures of the Nyenrode New Business School are also included in the financial figures of the Nyenrode Foundation and that the Nyenrode New Business School realized a profit of around € 250,000.”

“The profitability of the university still has to be increased in the longer term in order to ensure a financially healthy future. We are working hard on this, based on our four-year plan. In this plan, we have laid down how the profitability should develop in the coming years. It is important to mention that we are also well on course for the academic year 2015-2016. We have taken a somewhat lower profit into account for this academic year than in 2014-2015, because we have planned many investments for, amongst other things, efficiency measures, process improvements and ICT improvements. Extra funds have also been reserved for investments in further increasing revenue, such as a higher budget for marketing, recruitment and business development.”
Collaboration Lean
The Nyenrode Lean Institute and the Foundation Lean Management Institute in Zeist will be working together closely. Part of the collaboration is the appointment of Lean Management Institute director René Aernoudts as director of the Nyenrode Lean Institute. Both institutes have a shared mission: promoting lean thinking and lean business operations in the business community and in society in general in the Netherlands. Both parties see many advantages in the collaboration.
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Trade mission to Tokyo
In November, 2015, two delegates from Nyenrode Sports Inc. joined Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs and many Dutch companies and went on a Dutch economic trade mission to Japan. The goal was to strengthen the relationship between the Netherlands and Japan in the field of sports (science) and give advice on the challenges and opportunities that come together with the organization of the (Para)Olympics in 2020. As a direct result Nyenrode Sports Inc. is now starting to develop a new one week module in collaboration with the Tsukuba University (TIAS): “Driving Olympic Legacy”.
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Smart Diploma
In order to continue to optimize our services for alumni, Nyenrode introduced the secure online tool Smart Diploma. With this service, Nyenrode offers alumni an online certificate listing their achievements at Nyenrode. This is available everywhere and at any time. The Nyenrode achievements can be shared via professional and social network channels such as LinkedIn or Facebook. This online service also makes it possible to promote achievements among recruiters, colleagues or friends. The first Smart Diplomas were awarded to the graduates of the part-time Master of Science in Management, who received their Nyenrode diploma on December 18, 2015.
Strategies for success
Over the last few years, the work context of many professional has been changing fast. Clients and sectors have been undergoing major changes which have been having an impact on the work of professionals. In the book ‘Ik maak het verschil’ (I make the difference) by Nyenrode Business Universiteit business professor Frank Kwakman, and Rolf Rosenmöller, partner, trainer and consultant at Itasc Nederland, ‘new professionals’ can find inspiration, challenging questions and seven strategies which will help bring about success.
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End of 60 Acres
Nyenrode has taken leave of its business accelerator 60 Acres. CFO Remmelt Vetkamp explains: “When we started with our own incubator / accelerator at the time, we were far ahead of our time. Start-ups are hot now and there is a lot of competition to attract start-ups. At the same time, the numbers of students on campus are increasing and we need to make choices regarding the use of space. Therefore, the Coachhouse Wing, where 60 Acres was located, will be transformed into a space for, amongst other things, educational purposes. Of course, we will continue to be the university for entrepreneurship as this is an integral part of our DNA. This is why we not only wish to make our knowledge and experience available to companies in 60 Acres but to make use of this more than ever for the business community in general, also outside the gates of Nyenrode.”
Free sports
Students and staff can kick off a healthy 2016 with the free sporting activities at Nyenrode. They can work on mental and physical fitness with bootcamps, spinning, boxing and fitness.
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Nyenrode Roadshow in Russia
In November Nyenrode representatives visited Moscow as part of a series of international marketing and recruitment activities in cooperation with EP-Nuffic Neso, branch of the Netherlands education support office for international students. In Moscow, Nyenrode offered information sessions about the university and its programs as well as a workshop on 'Personal Branding’ by Willem van Donge, Head of Career and Personal Development. Participants of these sessions included Russian talents and several Nyenrode alumni.
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Ethics in the digital world
The breakthrough of the computer age has been announced for decades, but this time it seems to be for real: In the face of big data and robots (among many other disruptive and transformative technologies), people feel that the endgame of the Machine Age has now begun. Ethical issues abound: the death of privacy, the era of total surveillance, but also the benefits of e-health and perhaps the end of the car accident. What kind of ethics will we use in the new World? Can we still use the fundamental principles inherent in our current day-to-day practices? Or do we face entirely new moral problems? Will we have to develop completely new forms of ethical thought? On December 8th, Prof. Dr. Deborah Johnson from the University of Virginia gave a seminar in which she elaborated on her vision regarding computer ethics.
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Exhibition collection De Heus-Zomer
The art exhibition "New roads / challenges" can be viewed at Nyenrode up to March 27, 2016, which contains works from the internationally renowned collection of the entrepreneur couple Henk and Victoria de Heus-Zomer. The exhibition "New roads/ challenges" was organized by the Art Fund Nyenrode and exhibits more than twenty-five works of art of contemporary artists from mainly the Netherlands, China, Germany and the US. 

The catalog, accompanying the exhibition, can be purchased via the Nyenrode web shop. The minimum price for members of the Nyenrode community is € 10.00; however more is welcome. The sales price in book stores is € 29.95.
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Students visit Nyenrode Lean Institute
Last November 4th and 5th, four groups of full-time MSc in Management students attended a one day-part session in the Lean factory to experience in real life the impact of Lean in modern organizations. Samuel Haret, full-time MSc in Management student: ''The session that we had at the LEAN institute was more than a class, it was one of the most educational and truly practical hours I have had in my business education.''
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Alumni seminar controlling
The alumni seminar of the Nyenrode controlling program took place on November 26, 2015. Guest speaker this time was Maartje Bouvy, CFO of Rituals.
>> Read jan bots's blog (dutch)
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Workshop Week of the Investor
“De week van de Belegger” (‘The week of the Investor’), one of the biggest investors events in the Netherlands, took place last November 14th-20th in the city of Amsterdam. During the event, Nyenrode students from "Studentenhandelsvereniging De Zilveren Rijder", official partner of “De week van de Belegger”, organized a workshop on November 18th at Nyenrode premises. The theme was ‘Bridging Finance & Sustainability’.
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Sports Director Steven de Jongh on sports and business
Dutch television program NOS Sportjournaal filmed Steven de Jongh, who is a Sports Director at cycling team  Tinkoff-Saxo as well as a participant of the Sports Leadership Program, at Nyenrode on his future plans and about sports and business.
>> watch the video (dutch)
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