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September 2015
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This is the first edition of the new e-mail newsletter of the Nyenrode Business Universiteit, intended for students, alumni, employees and other interested parties. You are receiving this newsletter because you are regarded as an important contact of the university. This newsletter will be published around ten times a year. If you would like to update your personal information, then you can indicate this below.
Children Ombudsman Marc Dullaert at the Opening of the Academic Year
The new Academic Year of the Nyenrode Business Universiteit commenced on September 7th. The keynote speaker at the ceremony was Children Ombudsman Marc Dullaert. In his speech, Marc Dullaert discussed the future of the new generation of children and the role that science can play in this.
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147 full-time students MSc in Management
The new class (the 24th) of the full-time MSc in Management program started with 147 participants. 139 of these students are now already enrolled in the Pre-Master program. The other eight students will start in January 2016 directly in the Master phase. These very talented students come from diverse backgrounds. There are eleven different nationalities in the class.
Inaugural lecture Bo van der Rhee
Many companies miss opportunities in the development of new products and services. Gains can be realized in the cooperation between the disciplines Marketing and Operations Management. As Professor Dr. Bo van der Rhee argues in his inaugural lecture 'Innovate or Perish' with which he accepted the Operations Management Professorship on August 27 at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

For his study, Professor Dr. Van der Rhee examined the discipline Product Development together with marketing specialists from the perspective of his field Operations Management. The underlying motivation for this study is the often insufficient cooperation between the disciplines Marketing and Operations where product development is concerned. The quality of this cooperation is crucial for successful product innovations. It is important, in this case, that Marketing and Operations consult with each other and reach agreement on what is technically possible and whether there is a demand in the market.
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Different kind of financial controllers
There is a need for a different type of financial controller due to the increasing demand for more in-depth financial insight and a much faster decision-making process. Financial controllers can increase their influence on strategic decisions by acting more assertively. Hans ten Rouwelaar argues this in his thesis, with which he obtained his PhD on August 31st at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.
In his thesis, Hans ten Rouwelaar focuses on the role that financial controllers play in the management's decision-making process. The financial controller provides all the necessary information that the management needs before taking a decision. This 'support role' has become increasingly important in recent years as information is being transmitted more rapidly and decisions have to be taken faster.

In addition, accounting and reporting after the fact is being taken over more and more by the computerization of systems and, as a result, controllers can now focus on the company's strategy. Hans ten Rouwelaar has the following to say about this: "Nowadays, companies also expect that the controller can compute future scenarios and can explain what the consequences are of these scenarios. This is a whole different field and also requires a different type of controller."
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Claim Your Chair
Stichting Nyenrode Fonds (Nyenrode Fund) has initiated the project ‘Claim Your Chair’ with the objective of improving the learning environment for students via the sponsoring of chairs. All revenues are invested in the improvement or the installation of modern education technologies and the furnishing of lecture halls.

In the meantime, over 70 chairs have been financed and two lecture halls have been reopened. For a donation of € 500 or more, the name of the sponsor (with if desired a quote of his/her own choice) will be engraved in a chair in the lecture halls 102 and 104 in the De Rooij building.

Check which chairs are still available on
Students organize TEDxNyenrodeUniversity
The first TEDxNyenrodeUniversity will take place in the Coach House at Nyenrode. The theme of the meeting is 'Building Blocks for the Future'. The meeting will focus on innovations in different business disciplines which form the basis for much larger changes. This event is an initiative of the students and is supported by Nyenrode Business Universiteit and its alumni network.
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Start Sports Leadership Program

The Sports Leadership Program commenced on September 7th. Professional sport coaches and sports managers as well as ambitious former sports practitioners and entrepreneurs registered for the first class. For instance, Olympic skating champion Mark Tuitert and cycle team leader Steven de Jongh are participating, just like Sjoerd Marijne and Max Caldas, who are both Dutch national hockey coaches, of the women's and the men's team respectively.

More information about the Sports Leadership Program is available on

Lean Leadership Program
The Nyenrode Lean Institute launched the Lean Leadership Program on September 10th. This is a tailor-made program for organizations that have implemented Lean and wish to bring Lean working up to the next level. The Lean Leadership Program has an exploratory character with the organization as the point of departure. A program is designed together with the 'Lean leaders' from the organization in question using building blocks. The participants receive extensive coaching and support from Lean trainers and coaches.

“We see that many organizations start working with Lean in a pragmatic manner but that the management does not sufficiently understand how Lean management should be developed and how it should grow within organizations,” Lean master trainer Fred Schoon explains. "There is a danger that people think that the improvement of processes is a matter that concerns the people on the shop floor and not the management."

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First edition PhD conference

During the first edition of the PhD conference on September 16th, professors, researchers and PhD students met to discuss current academic issues and to provide feedback on research proposals, paper proposals and PhD theses.

The primate specialist Professor Dr. Jan van Hooff discussed social conduct among animals and people in his keynote speech. A panel discussion was organized to conclude the conference, in which the role of scientific research in the academic world was discussed.

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Graduation of International MBA

Nyenrode celebrated the graduation of their International MBA program together with 40 talented students from all over the world on September 18th. The students had very diverse backgrounds and came from countries such as China, Chile, India, Italy, Russia and Turkey. Peter Korsten, Partner and VP at IBM Global Business Services was the keynote speaker at the ceremony.
The Valedictorian and the Student of the Year were announced during the graduation ceremony.

Valedictorian of the year: Yu Zhang from China

Student of the year: Abhishek Saraf from India
Professor Dr. Désirée van Gorp was nominated Professor of the Year for the second consecutive year. She was also the driving force behind the 'Meet the CEO' sessions in which the talented MBA students could become acquainted with top executives of various companies.

Summer internship Mayor Stichtse Vecht
Mayor Marc Witteman of Stichtse Vecht visited Nyenrode Business Universiteit on Monday August 10th in connection with a series of summer internships he attends in his Municipality Stichtse Vecht. The aim of this initiative, which was launched years ago by the Mayor himself, is to get to know more of the organizations and people of his municipality.
During the summer internship at Nyenrode, Mayor Witteman attended a meeting of the University Board, visited various student facilities, helped the landscaping service with the trimming of the rose garden and was given a tour of the Estate and the Castle. During these activities, the Mayor voiced his appreciation for the attention that Nyenrode pays to its cultural heritage and to the student life on campus.
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Best lecturers of the Accountancy Program
During the Lectures' Accountancy Seminar on September 15th, Program Director Olof Bik announced the names of the lecturers who, according to the students, were the best lecturers in the academic year 2014-2015.
In the Propaedeutic year, the award went to Guus van der Weijden. Ad Antonius was honored as lecturer of the year for his lectures within the main phase of the Bachelor. The best lecturer in the Master Program was Paul van Batenburg, Applied Business Research (ABR) and thesis supervisor Administrative Information Provision (Bestuurlijke Informatieverzorging). Sietze de Leeuw, the best lecturer in the Post Master, is described by students as an outstanding teacher, someone who provides feedback quickly to the students and to the education agency. There was also an honorary mention for an up-and-coming talent: Mark Spaander. Mark Spaander has been a teacher since the fall of 2014.

What are their secrets?
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Agile Organizations
Nyenrode University Press has published the book The Secret of Agile Organizations written by Prof. Dr. Gijs van Bussel, Ralph Jacobs and Ir. Marijn Tielemans. The authors describe how organizations can employ Agile Talent Management as the most important secret ingredient for making optimal use of their Human Capital.
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Principles for Responsible Management Education
Nyenrode Business Universiteit has subscribed to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), an initiative of the United Nations. This initiative stimulates corporate social responsibility in academic education and scientific research. By signing the PRME, Nyenrode commits itself to the six principles of PRME, that form a framework for universal values in education and research.
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Young Bilderberg Conference

The Young Bilderberg Conference was organized on September 3rd at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. This year, the theme of the conference was transition. This annual conference is organized by and for a new generation of future leaders who wish to contribute to a better and more sustainable world. During the event, an answer was provided to the question how you can continue to prepare as a person and as an organization for constant global changes.

During the event, use was made of interactive communication tools, so that the participants could actually experience innovation themselves. The participants were able to ask questions of the speakers via their mobile phones and give their opinions by means of polls. The guest speakers at the event included Matthijs Bierman (Triodos), Olof Bik (Nyenrode Business Universiteit), Berndt Kodden (Friesland Campina), Bas Rookhuijzen (Google), Hein Schreuder (DSM), Gillian Tans (, Patrick Vierveijzer (Leaseplan Nederland) and Richard Wagenmakers (KPMG).


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Exhibition Diederik Stevens

The solo exhibition “Back at Nyenrode” of the artist and Nyenrode alumnus Diederik Stevens can be seen at Nyenrode Business Universiteit from September 4th up to and including November 22nd.
The exhibition, which was organized by Art Fund Nyenrode, contains twenty works of art. Together, these paintings provide a representative and glowing overview of Stevens's world, or in other words how he experiences the 'elementary pristineness' surrounding us. The exhibition also contains some new work which was inspired by his recent trip to Alaska.

Diederik Stevens (1960) began his BBA program at Nyenrode in 1979. After a career in business, he followed his lifelong passion and focused completely on working as an artist. His expressive manner of painting has now been exhibited very successfully in both the Netherlands and abroad, including in the Grand Palais of Paris.

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